2021.04.20 子どもの森 日々の様子


What an adventurous and fun day! 🐒🌻

We continue our journey as adventurers with a lot of excitement! 

We started of the day by taking the Sakura kids to the ”ミニグラウンド“ after their lunch! We played with lizards and bubbles, we collected flowers, ran a lot, and even shook some trees! 



After snack time, with the ふじ kids, I decided to continue our theme of adventurers and took them to a secret cave filled with scary animals, insects and mysterious sounds!! They had loads of fun playing with the lamp torch and reacting to the different animals. 🕷🦇🦂🐍





Then we played outside for a little bit ! 


A little later in the day the kids and I decided to make some ink drawings, very messy but very fun!

Thank youuuu and see you tomorrow for a new adventure!!! 

Kodomo no Mori no Family 🌺