2021.04.21 子どもの森 日々の様子

Sweet and sunny 🌞

Hello! 🌵
Today was a sweet, sunny and calm day!
Right after lunch we decided to take everyone to the mini ground, everyone had a lot of fun running around the forest 🙂 Its a great place for the Fuji girls to passionately play きめつのやいば!



Once we got back to the house everyone was pretty tired from the sun and all the running around! So we had a quiet free play time; during which the kids kept on working on their construction of the week. Wonderful castles in the making!


We even made a cute little Robot costume!

During snack time Miyuki sensei I read to us a great book, which everyone enjoyed ! 

After snack time, and since everyone was still so tired 🐣💙

Instead of doing the planned game, we had a quiet but fun Mystery box session! They had to guess different objects just by touching them! They liked it so much they wanted to chose their own things for me to touch! 

One of the mystery objects was Water Beads!!! They loooooved it and even took some home! 


After this activity we decided to go outside for the last time to play with some good old mud 🪨🌳


(And did some Sumo wrestling) ( I won ) 

So many giggles !! 

Merci et a demain! 

Kodomo no Mori no Family 🌻