2021.04.19 子どもの森 日々の様子

Tiny travellers Bootcamp!

Hello, Bom-dia, and こんにちわ!🌱🐞

This is our first post for the Kodomo no Mori blog! 
Miyuki sensei, Junko sensei, and I (Nora ) are very excited for this new journey! よろしくお願いします!

Everyday I will be writing here about our daily activities!
(Though for now I will write in English; I promise I will study very hard to be able to write in Japanese soon as well!! )


This month we have been doing activities related to the theme of being an Explorer/ Adventurer ! 
Last week we learned about the materials we need and how to collect plants and insects!

Today with the Sakura class we learned about crows and how they like shiny things; the children had a lot of fun fishing for the marbles in the water!

With all the kids we also spent a lot of time building and decorating big cardboard castles/ tents and houses!

At the end of the day we made some cameras out of cardboard! All good explorers need a camera! 


Thank you so much for such a fun day!! ☀️🐝

See you tomorrow!!