2022.08.05 子どもの森 日々の様子

Ocean day!


Today was a very fun day for the kids!

This morning we had a circle time with teacher Pablo! We did some stretching and dancing 😉

We also did a bug searching with the kids outside! We found many bugs outside!!

We also continued with the preparation for the hula party next week! We made hula skirts and hula headbands! 

Teacher Pablo also read an english book us during our lunch! It was a great book 🙂






During the afternoon Teacher Amelie came to play with us! 

She did a circle time and showed us many ocean animals! We saw fishes, whales, octopus and many more animals.

We also did two games! We first did a find the missing animal on the ipad! 

And our next game was let’s fish the animals blind folded!! 




Teacher Amelie also read us a book in Japanese during snack time! 

After all this fun we had a free play time and played outside and also played tag with teacher Amelie.

We also played inside and played with many toys.