2022.08.01 子どもの森 日々の様子

水遊び ☀️ Hula dance 🌸 Erupting Volcano 🌋

Aloha 🌸 

Good morning everyone! We started by asking 

What day of the week is it? 
What month is it? 
What day of the month is it?


And How is the weather? ! 

Today is Sunny ! So we can play with water outside! 
Junko sensei brought water balloons 🎈! 

It was really fun 🤩!

While some children played outside 

Others stayed inside to learn about the different dances of Hawai

We learned about Hula dance and Fire dance (Samoan)

Before dancing we started by making our Hula skirts ! 

You look so nice! 

Now let’s dance

Good job! Let’s practice everyday until the Hawaii party next week! 🎉 

After Lunch we learned about Volcanoes 🌋 

And decided to make our own explosive volcanoes !!! 💥 

First we Build the volcano with clay.

Then we Paint the volcano!

And finally we Start pouring all the ingredients to make the volcano erupt! 

Here it comes!!! 

Everyone seemed to love the volcano experiment! 

Free play time! 


What a fun day!

See you tomorrow for some more fun!