2022.07.28 子どもの森 日々の様子

Water play ☀️ Ocean Animals 🌊

Aloha 🌸 

A new beautiful sunny day! 

Let’s start the day with nice stretches 😁 

Can you tell us: 

What day of the week is it?

What month is it? 

What day is it? 

How’s the weather? 😎 

Because it’s sunny we can do Water Play! 😃 


We made water balloons! 🎈 

All the children love Water play so much !! ❤️ 

After lunch we had a really fun review of the animals you can find in the oceans of Hawaii 🌊 

After finding Hawaii on the map we climbed aboard a boat and sang 

Row Row Row your boat !

But a storm surprised us and we fell in the ocean ! OH NO! 


In the Ocean we met many animals ! 

The whale 🐳 


And the Dolphin 🐬 

And the octopus 🐙 

With the Octopus we played  a game of Ball Pass! 

And a tag game! 

We had a lot of fun! 
After lunch time some students made some fishes and decorated the room..


And even their Ocean painting! 

Free play time! 

We had a lovely time!