2022.05.25 子どもの森 日々の様子

Carnival event 🎉 🇫🇷 Day 2! 😁



Today is the last day of our really fun Carnival! 🎈 

After explaining our different activities of the day we got the party starting! 

Our first activity started on the second floor; painting carnival masks 🎭 

“Blue ticket please !” 🎟 


They are looking quite beautiful 😻!

Everyone did a wonderful job painting 🙂 

On the first floor we made Magical capes ! 


Everyone say “Fromage!” 📸 

At 2pm we headed outside to enjoy the carnival fair 🎡 

We ate a lot of food! 
Crêpes, Popcorn and cotton candy! 

You bought so much! 
We also had a lot of fun walking on the “tightrope!” 

Let’s go duck fishing ! 

And don’t forget the ball tossing game 🤹‍♂️ 

oh hello! 📸 

Group picture time! 


🎭 Merci beaucoup! 

After aaaaall these activities we sat down to watch videos we took during the day and Charlie Chaplin “The circus” 🎪 

Thank you for a wonderful wonderful day! 

Here are some extra pictures from todays free play time 🙂  


Goodnight 🌙 

And see you tomorrow!