2022.05.13 子どもの森 日々の様子

Invent the wheel!

This afternoon, we travelled back in time to learn about how our ancestors lived in caves, and one of their most important inventions: the wheel.

Our circle time began with a review of the different types of shapes; circle, heart, square, etc. And then, we played Whack-a-shape, where we used a toy hammer to hit the correct shape.

After this activity, we changed the topic and focused on the cave people. We learned about how they discovered how to make fire, and how they invented the wheel. Then, it was our turn to invent our own wheels using newspaper!

The activity finished with a competition to see which wheel rolled faster. They were all very well done!

Then, it was time for a snack and free play.

We read a story about dinosaurs during snack time, and then played various games around the room, including parachute game! 
It was a very rainy afternoon, but we had a great time playing inside. See you next week!