2022.01.06 子どもの森 日々の様子

Snow Day! ❄ ⛄ ❄


Everyone absolutely had to be outside for some fun activities like flying kites and catching snowflakes in their mouth 😋.

We even took a commemorative photo! You can see the excitement on everybody’s face.

When we were inside and cozy warm, the kids used to their creative imagination and their various toys to open up shops, make cars, and draw pictures.

Lorelei teacher held circle time where everyone practiced their penguin impressions using the Penguin Dance song. Since it’s cold outside, we warmed up with the song called the Freeze Game.
We also learned our shapes and drew them with our favorite colors 🔵 🟨 🔶️ ❤.

During snack time, the children listened to stories about shopping fish and what makes an apple an apple 🍎🤔.

Afterwards, when the snow piled higher than we hoped, all the kids got to throw some proper snowballs and make several short-lived snowmen 😆.

Junko teacher helped warm everyone up with warm water to dip our co~ld hands in once we headed inside.

Today was such a fun day and the snow made it even more special and exciting ✨❄️✨