2021.06.08 子どもの森 日々の様子

1st day of 🇫🇷 ! French restaurant!

Bonjour Madames et monsieurs! 

Today was our first day in France! 

Before our trip we warmed up with some fun dancing; 

Then talked about the world; last month we went to Brazil. Everyone said : Bom dia!

Today we are going to France so we say : Bonjour!

The only way to get there is to take an airplane!!! 

After a long flight we got pretty hungry!

ゆめいフランスレストランに行った “Les Enfants de la forêt” (子供の森)

A famous puppet chef and a funny foreigner thought the kids about French food! 

We tried many dishes; escargot, Mussels and Fries, ratatouille, duck….

Words we learned: Merci, Bon appetit, I want!

Since we talked about food we practiced some English; 

– What food do you like? 
– I like…. 

Everyone did so well!!!


A well deserved snack; 

A fun story; 



And lots of playing outside! 

And lots of playing inside; 


Bonsoir et à demain! 

Kodomo no Mori no family 🍽