2021.06.04 子どもの森 日々の様子

Happy Friday 🌳

This rainy day was peaceful and sweet.

It allowed us to really use a lot of English! 

Today’s activity was watercolour; but everyone had to say “I want….” when choosing a colour! 

We used it for many things during the day! 


The idea today was to do simple games and let the kids play freely while really focusing on getting them to speak English.


We did some English Animal vocabulary games (I want a tiger! Find the tiger!)

We read many stories;


And finished the day jumping on the trampoline; 

And a little game of tag (Hoola hoop monster is hungry!!!)

This was our little break week from travelling
Next week we are back on the road!! 

✈️—>🇫🇷 !!! 

Bon weekend ! 

Kodomo no Mori no Family ❣️