2021.04.27 子どもの森 日々の様子

Dodge ball and Biiiiiig drawings

What a wonderful day! 
We started our afternoon with a circle time singing some English songs for kid ( Hello Hello/ Walking Walking/ If you are happy and you know it), everyone seemed to have a lot of fun! They even taught me a song in Japanese, ありがとう!!🎶


After the circle time we had a really intense game of dodgeball! 

They had so much fun they kept playing outside after おやつ. 

After snack time and a great story by Akiko Sensei some kids stayed inside while others went out. 

With the one that stayed inside we made some reeeeeally biiiiig drawings. Our wall is now filled with Rainbows, flowers and train lines!


The paper was the perfect size for a real size life drawing of ourselves as well!! 


Thank you for a fun day! 

See you tomorrow! (We are going camping 🏕) 



Kodomo no Mori no Family 🌻